Soil improver 5 Liter


Dutch Terra Petra 5 liter



”This product is a suitable nutrition for almost all plants that grow in the soil in the world. The Dutch Terra Preta is a universal food for all growing plant life. It is a total package of nutrition for the plant, root, fruit, stem and soil, which includes everything for a plant and will therefore provide better nutrients to your plant, allowing it to grow healthier fruit and vegetables. With the best nutritional value that nature has to offer. How to apply the product in the garden: By sprinkling it over the garden between the plants and then watering well. The amount you can add depends on how poor your soil is. So you need more with a poor soil than with a soil that seems to retain more nutrients. You can also use it when planting your new plants by sprinkling it through the planting hole before you place the plant in it, so that extra nutrition is present both above and below the plant, making the growth of your plant even an easier head start in nutrition under the soil. There is another option to use this product and that is to put the granules in your watering can, stir it well and pour it like a kind of tea between your plants and trees to promote growth. This product is suitable for all grasses, all types of trees/shrubs and for all types of herbs, roots and mushrooms/fruits, making it a good food for all plants that grow.

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